Thursday, February 17, 2011

Im back

I am lying on the sofa watching Friday Night Lights. Again. I'm cycling through the first season again biding my time until we restore our cable service again once baseball season starts.

"i'm crippled and I want to listen to Nirvana" -- Jason Street

I am also using the Temple Owls ipad app to keep an eye on the score of tonights game against Richmond. We are up at the moment.

Next, I need to plug this gadget into the computer so that I can take some music off of it. I'm completely sick of anything involving a Gainsbourg or the Velvet Underground right now. I know. Random in itunes always plays Serge Gainsbourg after something like No Age or Miles Davis and it completely wrecks whatever good feeling I have going on.

Temple is up 67-46 right now over Richmond. Im finished following that for now.

Eric Taylor: They've even got some top-notch ballet-ers!

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