Friday, August 21, 2009

professionally relevant hip hop that I was unaware of

I'm a law librarian. Thats my profession. Imagine how shocked I was, just this afternoon, as I sat in frustrating traffic snarls all the way up I-95 to my home--- how shocked I was to hear this dude Papoose's series "Law Library" on 103.3. It's a series (I think thats what you'd call it) of hip hop tracks about, well, a pretty strict interpretation of Laws. I guess its supposed to be a street interpretation.
I guess I really have no point, I just wish I worked in an office environment where having a sound bite "Welcome to my law library" greeting my patrons would be not only accepted but rewarded.

(Photo via this blog)

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  1. Papoose? What happened to moderately clever hip-hoponyms like Busta Rhymes? Sheesh.